Condensation is the biggest problem during the winter season.
Humidity condenses on cold surfaces and makes everything soggy.
At risk are liveaboards, houseboats, and motor coach owners.

 "Let our marine dehumidifier help you reduce condensation during this cold winter season."

PS We are in Winter Mode: For many in the Northern Temperate Climates this is the off season. Boats and RVs have been winterized and tucked away for the winter. But for many of you there is no off season. I'm talking about those of you in Live Aboards, Houseboats, and Motor Homes.  Find out how our dehumidifier will make living aboard this winter less soggy and more livable.  Check it out here..

No longer hot and sticky?  Just cold and soggy?  Feeling all wet?  Discover 3 Steps to Beating Condensation and Staying Dry this Winter.






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A Dehumidifier especially for boats and RVs and other uses.


marine dehumidifier
Model:  DH-10
bulletA compact, light, dehumidifier specifically designed for Boat, RV, Industrial and Special Applications
bulletCabinet: Powder coated steel cabinet with an all stainless steel base
bulletColor: the paint is a neutral beige color
bulletCapacity: 10 ppd
bulletSize: Height: 12.5", Width: 12", Depth: 15.5"
bulletHorsepower: 1/6
bulletWatts: 150       Volts: 115 AC
bulletSee all details, features and specifications


Discontinued:  Please note that the McIntire Company no longer produces the DH-10 Dehumidifier.  If you would like a dehumidifier similar to the DH-10 we recommend the

Dry Pal manufactured by Mermaid Marine http://www.mmair.com/marine_division/dehumidifiers/dry_pal_dehumidifier

Dry Pal PictureDry Pal

or the



CD30 Manufactured by EbacUSA http://www.ebacusa.com/cd30.htm




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Improve Air Quality

Helps to prevent Mold and Mildew Growth

Helps to Eliminate Musty Odors
Protect your Valuable Investment and Equipment
Reduce Condensation


Mold Control Program

Do you have a program for mold control in your boat or RV?

get one started today

see  Program for Mold Control in Your Boat or RV




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Features to look for in a dehumidifier for your boat or RV


     - our dehumidifier in our boat and RV section has been selected because it has all these features.





If you are still undecided look at our Dehumidifier Comparison -The Marine Advantage vs. name brand dehumidifier designed for home use from your Department store or home center.  Also addressed here are tables for comparing marine products designed to remove moisture.








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